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http://jurnal.uin-antasari.ac.id/index.php/al-banjari/index Al-Banjari : Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu-Ilmu Keislaman 1412-9507 2527-6778 Indonesia
http://www.bioglobia.in INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH VISION 2454-3721 2454-3721 India
http://econtlaw.nlu.edu.ua Economic Theory and Law 2411-5584 Ukraine
http://ibrif.org/ojs/index.php/jofi/index Journal of Financial Innovation 2359-1005 Brazil
http://ojs.mdpu.org.ua/index.php/versus VERSUS 2310-4562 2310-4562 Ukraine
http://www.ihrjournal.com International Healthcare Research Journall 0000-0000 2456-8090 India
http://aascience.com/index.php/aas Annals of advanced sciences 2521-3598 2521-3601 United Arab Emirates
http://asarchives.com/index.php/asarchives Archives of Advanced Sciences 2521-3628 2521-3636 United Arab Emirates
http://www.ijem.com/ International Journal of Educational Methodology 2469-9632 2469-9632 United States of America
http://www.ijrhs.org International Journal of Research in Health Sciences 2321-7251 India