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Journal Website Journal Name Print ISSN Online ISSN (Optional) Country  
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/IJHSECM.html International Journal of Home Science Extension and Communication Management 2348-1099 Applied India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/FSRJ.html Food Science Research Journal 0976-1276 2230-9403 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/ETI.html Engineering and Technology in India 0976-1268 2230-9284 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/AS.html Asian Science 0973-4740 0976-7959 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/AJHS.html Asian Journal of Home Science 0973-4732 0976-8351 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/AJES.html Asian Journal of Environmental Science 0973-4759 0976-8947 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/AJBS.html Asian Journal of Bio Science 0973-4899 0976-8343 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/APPS.htm Annals of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 0976-125X 2230-9438 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/AJSS.htm An Asian Journal of Soil Science 0973-4775 0976-7231 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/AU.htm Agriculture Update 0973-1520 0976-6847 India